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Vision Bhagalpur:

“Citizens of Bhagalpur collectively envision a progressive city, dedicated towards promoting its unique identity, good governance, enhanced quality of life, sustainable utilization of its distinctive historical, cultural and ecological assets to attract tourism, investments, and business.”


Aspirations of citizens from which the vision emerged:

The Vision for Bhagalpur has emerged from the SWOT analysis as well as the aspirations expressed by citizens. Bhagalpur aspires to be a city where municipal governance is in-sync with citizens’ needs and the citizenry is aware, and responsible, with a sense of ownership for the city. The citizens’ aspirations can be categorized into four broad heads from which specific goals have taken shape:

1. Aspirations of Bhagalpur being a Smart City with an accountable, smart and efficient local Government striving for a livable city with smart services

2. Aspirations linked to due recognition of the city’s traditional industries and cultural and ecological and tourism assets leading to increased investments and tourist trade

3. Aspirations of improved intra-city and inter-city 

4. Aspirations linked to presence of robust and well-functioning infrastructure that assures universal access and coverage



Bhagalpur’s Vision comprises constituent development goals that have been shaped by the voice and aspirations of the citizens. Each of the goals listed below aims at making Bhagalpur a livable city which is socially, economically and ecologically sustainable.



► Smart and Quality Governance

Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation recognizes the importance of addressing the needs of a growing population and an expanding city. It would strive to make Bhagalpur ‘a city for people’ where continuous engagement of local government with citizens is institutionalized in the decision making architecture. It would provide safe, accessible, and lively public spaces the city living experience and the river bank. Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation is committed to excellence in every sector, providing its staff opportunities of growth by learning and adopting state of the art technologies and methods to better their performance in every way. Its goal is to become financially self-sufficient and sustainable moving towards increased private investments and partnerships.



► Promoting Tourism in Silk City of India:

A historically and culturally significant city with ever-growing number of visitors, Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation is committed to preserve and promote its multi-faceted built heritage ranging from ancient Hindu rock-cut sculptures to Jain pilgrimage sites to archaeological remains of one of the biggest universities of Buddhist times to architecture from Mughal and British periods. Bhagalpur’s identity and image as a culturally and historically significant place will be promoted on regional, national and international level. The city will support regular religious festivals and celebrations and also design new city level events for residents and tourists. Bhagalpur will be the most visited place in Bihar in the years to come.

► Progressive Economy and Employment:

Bhagalpur is committed to promoting its unique Tussar silk industry and regaining its position in the world. The related sub-goals are:

(i) adequate space for retail within the city and swift regional and national movement of special woven products like silk saris, silk suit materials, Bhagalpuri blankets etc;

(ii) Silk industry’s expansion and regeneration;

(iii) Enhanced skills and adaptability of silk industry and craft persons;

(iv) Enhance production and provide comfortable circumstances to work with continuous power supply

► Conserving River Ganga and Promoting Eco-Tourism:

Located on the banks of Ganga, the city feels proud to keep the river clean and beautiful. The river will be more accessible to the public for people to admire the ecological wealth of their city. However, the river-side development and use would be carried out in an environmentally friendly way with strict rules so that the river and its eco-system are preserved. The two associated sub-goals are (i) Bhagalpur will not dump solid waste in the Champa Nala, ponds of the city or the Ganga; (ii) Bhagalpur will severely penalize dumping of untreated sewage in the Ganga.


► Land Monetization and Attracting Investment:

Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation will create business friendly environment by fast and efficient approval system. More land will be earmarked for commercial leasing; economic corridors will be developed, Land Monetization Plan will be prepared for capturing rising land values. Development projects will engage private players on PPP mode.



► A well-connected city with enhanced public transport, BMC will develop multi-modal transport system and provide more intra and inter-city roadways and buses to ease people’s arrival to the city. It will improve vehicular movement and decongest roads. It will encourage NMT and pedestrian safety. Intelligent Transport System to be adopted to improve mobility especially of public transport and IPT. The city will have greens links connecting places of different landuse to enhance walkability.



► A well functioning, smart, and efficient city:

Bhagalpur Municipal Corporation recognizes the current gaps in services especially Water supply, sanitation, SWM, and public transport. For a smoothly functioning city, new technology and ICT will be adopted. The power infrastructure will be robust and promote energy efficiency and use of renewable energy. The sub-goals are – (i) Bhagalpur will not stop moving due to traffic jams; (ii) every resident and visitor to Bhagalpur will have access to clean drinking water; (iii) All streets will be clean and municipal waste will be treated and disposed scientifically; (iv) Every household will be connected to a functional sanitation system; (v) city will have robust IT enabled infrastructure; (vi) All power cables to be underground.



► Socially Inclusive Growth: Bhagalpur will be more sensitive towards social infrastructure by improving quality of Health, Education, Safety. All sections of society of Bhagalpur especially the old, children and differently abled will be taken care of in design and development of projects. The city will put in efforts to alleviate urban poverty and increase livelihood opportunities. The city will provide livable conditions for slum dwellers by upgradation of physical infrastructure. The informal sector will be regularised by providing basic infrastructure and facilities and formal vending zones.

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